Friday, 28 January 2011

Major girl crush!

We all have girl crushes from time to time..(well i do) I think Jessie J May well be my newest! Her make up always look amazing!

I'm loving her video for do it like a dude the make up is fierce! those studded lips!!..may give them a go at some point, although may get some funny looks when i pop to my local Tesco for a pint of milk with those beauty's on!! (my son is always horrified I may collect him from school with a face on when I try out editorial make up tutorials)

I'm  really looking forward to seeing what else she's going to come out with shes definitely one to watch. Great style and swagger she obviously has a great artistic team around her.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

love love love this book!!! Make up is Art

If you want to be inspired I recommend this book the photographs are so beautiful and original, the book has everything you need to know about being a make up artist including invaluable advice on portfolios, work, kits and technique. Looks lovely on the coffee table too.

Stunning work from AOFM Makeup Artists Jana Ririnui, Rachel Wood, Jade Hunka,  to name a few and fabulous photographers Fabrice Lachant and Lou Denim

MAC New prep and prime skin brightening serum...believe the hype

If like me you suffer from open pores and an uneven skin tone ( excessive sunbed use!!) this New MAC serum is formulated to instantly brighten, smooth, firm, and hydrate the skin while providing a plumper, more evenly toned finish to the complexion.

Natural antioxidants help to strengthen the skin against UV-related damage, while M∙A∙C Charged Water ensures deep, long-lasting hydration. It is easily absorbed and doesn't leave a heavy film like some primers I have used in the past. A little goes a long way too. The only negative is the price is a little on the expensive side for most at 28 pounds but is worth every penny in my opinion. For those of you who are a little daunted my the MAC counter you can order online from the UK website (i have provided a direct link below)

The product is absolutely gorgeous, my foundation stayed much longer and looked radiant. My pores looked more refined (which i love!) I thoroughly recommend this 10/10 go forth and beautify xx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Shu Uemura Morphorium

I really hope they start selling this on the UK  website as its amazing!! cant wait to get my mitts on this <3

YSL Perfect Touch (radiant brush Foundation)

This product is wonderfully packaged in a light plastic tube with a twist off lid, This foundation actually includes its own foundation brush which to be honest i didn't like so used my own, i find that the make up build up on the brush would make the fibres smell, (you could wash it i suppose down to you and your application preferences). I used number 7

To dispense the product you have to twist the top to unlock the brush (0 locks it) and allows you to squeeze some out, be careful it comes out quickly the consistency is quite runny (give it a good shake beforehand). smells lovely too!
The recommended application is to squeeze the foundation onto the hand then dab brush in and sweep over your face.

This is definitely quite a light foundation and very easy to work with it takes a few minutes to set. To be honest i didn't find it very radiant it was more of a matt finish but was a nice even  finish, It would  need a top up with concealer if you want to hide blemishes. On the plus side it does provide excellent UV protection and is long lasting.

I mixed it with MAC strobe cream and highlighted my cheeks with MAC mineral powder, that gave me a lovely natural sheen and luminous effect perfect for light daytime look.

To surmise if you are looking for a heavy coverage this is probably not for you but is a lovely blend able foundation with an excellent range of colours the only negative I would say is if you forget to lock the tube you will end up with a very messy make up bag! 8/10

Foundation Faux pas

Most ladies will tell you getting a great foundation that matches your skin type/complexion  is not easy, never mind the dilemma's such as mouse, liquid, mineral or powder?

I have friends who would like to go to a Make up counter but find the over zealous cosmetic sales assistants very daunting. Before you know it you have spent lots of money on products  you will never use because you have been convinced that without these products you will not get the man of your dreams!!

Fear no more ladies hope is here...I will be regularly testing foundations/powders at your request and posting pics of the finished results and my review. so if there's a product you would like my to try just let me know and i will hotfoot it down to the nearest make-up counter with my uber sales repellent on.