Wednesday, 26 January 2011

YSL Perfect Touch (radiant brush Foundation)

This product is wonderfully packaged in a light plastic tube with a twist off lid, This foundation actually includes its own foundation brush which to be honest i didn't like so used my own, i find that the make up build up on the brush would make the fibres smell, (you could wash it i suppose down to you and your application preferences). I used number 7

To dispense the product you have to twist the top to unlock the brush (0 locks it) and allows you to squeeze some out, be careful it comes out quickly the consistency is quite runny (give it a good shake beforehand). smells lovely too!
The recommended application is to squeeze the foundation onto the hand then dab brush in and sweep over your face.

This is definitely quite a light foundation and very easy to work with it takes a few minutes to set. To be honest i didn't find it very radiant it was more of a matt finish but was a nice even  finish, It would  need a top up with concealer if you want to hide blemishes. On the plus side it does provide excellent UV protection and is long lasting.

I mixed it with MAC strobe cream and highlighted my cheeks with MAC mineral powder, that gave me a lovely natural sheen and luminous effect perfect for light daytime look.

To surmise if you are looking for a heavy coverage this is probably not for you but is a lovely blend able foundation with an excellent range of colours the only negative I would say is if you forget to lock the tube you will end up with a very messy make up bag! 8/10


  1. wow...go clare...might give that a try...ounds ok x

  2. ps julia my friend Emma works in house of fraser she is the counter manager for YSL shes very lovely if you pop in shell help you and give some samples is she can xxx


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