Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015!!...its been a while

Ive just logged on for the first time in almost a year, and I have to say I'm very overwhelmed by the lovely comments and feedback I have received while I've been away!. I didn't intend to stop blogging but sometimes life gets in the way and these things fall to the wayside.  I have made a commitment to try and blog at least once a week.

So what have i been up to?  The 2 years or so I've concentrated more on bridal and wedding makeup.  (something I really thought I wouldn't enjoy!)  as it turns out i absolutely love it!! I have met some wonderful clients, photographers and friends.

I also found time to shoot with a fantastic photographer called Jason Perkins we collaborated on a Betty page inspired shoot which has been of my favourite shoots to date, I absolutely love vintage lingerie and 40s hair and make up, (so was pretty excited,) we even managed to borrow an old vintage classic Cadillac for the day! My model Sophie Lillie was a great sport and didn't seem to mind when two lovely old gentlemen stopped by to admire the Cadillac and the got more than they bargained for! 

My son very excited to ride in the Vintage cadillac 

A few other things I have collaborated on with Jason ,  Im looking forward to doing more this year, so watch this space and please do check out his work he's a very talented chap.

A shoot i did with Jason and the gorgeous Kirsty Wood which was published for Dolly Rox magazine and also featured in Tattoo and lifestyle ,Kirsty has gone on to be published in various other international tattoo magazines and publications! Not just a pretty face Kirsty is also a very talented tattooist too.

So thats just some of my Highlights from 2013/14  Happy new year!!