Wednesday, 9 March 2011

choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin tone

Did you know most women will buy around 7 foundations before they actually find the correct shade to match their skin tone?, Some women will buy a foundation the colour of what they want their skin to be instead of the tone they ought to be! its very tempting to go shades darker but this never looks natural always try and match your exact skin tone (try mixing colours on your hand if you cant find one).

Experts say its best to choose a foundation with a yellow undertone even if you think your complexion is porcelain and pale. Its also important to choose the right type of foundation for your skin type and needs. ( oil based is not good for oily skin).

The best way to test your shade is to stand in natural light and dab some on your jawline up to your cheekbone you can do this with a few and compare the results. You will instantly see the best match and that's your shade..even if it takes 10 trys at least you will be wearing the right foundation!! get samples instead of buying the bottles if you don't want to try in the shop. or ask for help that's what they are there for!!

Foundation guide

You Have: A dull, dry complexion
You Want: Glowing, dewy skin
Try: A hydrating foundation. There are moisturising foundations that deliver sheer coverage (like tinted moisturisers or balms) or medium to full coverage (like creamy liquids and whipped foundations). Stay away from powder and mattifying formulas. They'll zap your skin of oils, leaving your skin looking dry and chalky.

You Have: Oily skin
You Want: Smooth, matte skin
Try: An oil-absorbing foundation. Look for buzzwords like 'oil-free,' 'mattifying,' or 'shine-reducing' on the foundation's packaging. As a general rule, oil-free or oil-reducing liquid foundations impart light to medium coverage, while cream and compact foundations give you full coverage.

You Have: Combination skin
You Want: A uniform complexion that's neither shiny nor dry.
Try: A foundation with silica beads and lecithin. The silica beads soak up oil on your t-zone (forehead, nose & chin), while the lecithin hydrates dryer areas like your cheeks.

My top  foundation picks:

Award winning Bobbi brown Natural Finish is perfect for oily skin as its an oil free formula that lasts all day with great coverage in a great range of colours.

I love this foundation its really smooth and leaves a natural finish without that caked look, a little goes a long way!!I wear this everyday. perfect with SPF 15 to keep the wrinkles and sun damage at bay.

Lancome Photogenic luminescence is Ideal for a night out, great coverage without being too heavy and light reflecting particles make the finish flawless!