Friday, 28 January 2011

Major girl crush!

We all have girl crushes from time to time..(well i do) I think Jessie J May well be my newest! Her make up always look amazing!

I'm loving her video for do it like a dude the make up is fierce! those studded lips!!..may give them a go at some point, although may get some funny looks when i pop to my local Tesco for a pint of milk with those beauty's on!! (my son is always horrified I may collect him from school with a face on when I try out editorial make up tutorials)

I'm  really looking forward to seeing what else she's going to come out with shes definitely one to watch. Great style and swagger she obviously has a great artistic team around her.


  1. Oh I love her too. I've been wanting to recreate this look from last Nov, it's finding the spiked studs that are a pain .

  2. yes i agree! i went to my local habadashery shop and all the studs were a little large to pull of this look..may make some myself from clay or fimo and paint them silver! watch this space x

  3. i absolutly love this woman! shes so funky i love her style and her hair and her make up!!

  4. Me too! wicked isnt she!...thanks for taking the time to read my blog x


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