Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Max factor easy smokey eye?....(is it that easy??)

I picked up a couple of the Max factor smokey eye crayons a few months ago but didn't get round to using them ( i quite enjoy doing it the conventional way..theres something quite therapeutic about blending and building colour! ) So when i was going through my kit today i decided to give one a whirl, for 7.99 each they are reasonably priced considering you are getting two eye shadows. you can buy online on Boots website.

I used the onyx smoke, One end is rounded and the other more angled for a better contour around the lid. The first thing I noticed is that the texture is very fine (almost creamy) and iridescent, given that I don't think it would be good for older skin as i think it may sit in the creases of the eye, the other problem is that they don't seem to blend that well due to the lack of powder. I like to use 3 or 4 colours for a smokey eye and found this to be a problem as it was hard to graduate the colour using just one dark and one light!

The product claims to give a smokey eye in two steps... applying the lighter colour over lid and under brow then using the darker shade to sweep through the crease of the eye paying particular attention to the corners and waterline on the lower lid. 
Realistically yes it does give you a smokey-ish eye but i would prefer to achieve it by the conventional method of brush and powder.(I like a strong dramatic smokey eye so its not for me.) I have compared it to my usual smokey eye products..what do you think?

The photos below are the crayon on its own (more softer natural looking) and the Mac products ) much bolder)

In the Mac look i used, brown paint pot as a base/ MAC Carbon eye shadow/ Mac claire de lune to highlight and my favourte Mac loose pigment in the corners of the eye and underneath the lower lash. I then blended a black kohl eye pencil to contour the eye and give it a funky twist.

Smokey eye with Mac products

smokey eye with Max Factor

You cannot achieve a strong eye with the crayon alone in my opinion so i wont be using it again.. Its OK for a light daytime eye but not for a "dramatic" smokey as  advertised.


  1. thanks for the review :)


  2. So glad you reviewed this product, I was thinking of getting one but I agree with you the MAC has no competition x

  3. you are welcome R thanks for taking the time to read...and dani dont waste your money just pop round if you want a smokey eye lol xx

  4. Oooh I like this! Maxfactor are basically the UK cover girl. I saw these crayon things on antm and now Maxfactors made em too...interesting...

  5. i just finished that season of ANTM..i saw that episode! surprising winner wasnt it...totaly unconventional beauty..love that x

  6. Great product! You look so beautiful! AMAZING :)

  7. ahh thanks vanessa!! thats very nice of you..love your blog its great! I am now following you xx

  8. thx for sharing , really love your blog .


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