Friday, 11 February 2011

Women who Inspire my Style and Make up...

Every time I see these women in a magazine or on the TV i just think they always look flawless and original..These women can roll out of bed throw on a bit of lipstick and sunglasses and still look like an Icon and rock it.

I really appreciate women who are not afraid to take risks and are defined by who they are and not by what they do. Beauty and sex appeal for me is not what you wear or being tacky and over the top.. its about a swagger you just have when you are comfortable with yourself and know what you like and suits you. These women have that for me they just oooze coolness and femininity without being a stereotypical celebrity. They seem to balance life, family with fashion, style and culture effortlessly.

Dit Von teese
This Woman just encapsulates the whole glamorous and sexy spirit of women that is long forgotten, being a lady with class can still be sexy. she once said she never felt beautiful but knew she could be glamorous and boy does she pull that off!

Gwen Stefani

I'm a massive fan of her music but also the fact that she can be a mum of two and still be at the forefront of fashion (OK so shes got millions) but money does not buy style (Paris Hilton comes to mind)..she just has the Midas touch with everything she does clothing, music, perfume range and childrenswear and her look is so individual.

Marilyn Monroe

Well Marilyn was and still is the epitome of femininity and style, she lived her life by her own rules and despite what people thought of her she wasn't afraid to make mistakes and take risks.Its sad that she never got to fulfill her life on the lens but will be forever a legend.

Jean Shrimpton

Some people will not be familiar with Jean but she was massive in the 60s her and Terrance Stamp were the David and Victoria of their time, model and actress she constantly pushed the boundaries of fashion in a time when women were just beginning to break free from conforming to societies opinion of what a women should be. She was once described as the "most beautiful face" and was instrumental in the launch of the mini skirt..(ay men to that! )

Megan Fox

Alot of people don't like her but I just think she so pretty and she seems like she really doesn't care what people think of her (love that)..I really like her style and tattoo's and just think shes an all round beauty she makes me want to grow my hair and dye it black..unfortunately i don't have her face to match.



  1. Great post and lovely photos. I think what all these woman share is an air of confidence, aswell as style and beauty. I also love Jackie Onasis, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, timeless beautys that always inspire. Not forgetting you my lovely, always spot on from head to toe and I've seen pics of you with black hair and you rocked it x

  2. Thanks dani I do try but its definately not effortless many inspiring women but these ones always stand out to me x

  3. Dita von Teese is frickin' hot. I think every girl has a crush on her. She makes me want to be a burlesque dancer so bad. Bahahahaaha.
    Megan Fox -- I hate her as a person and an "actress," but she really is gorgeous. I have seen her without makeup on and swearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, and she still looks amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I whole heartedly agree with your choices :o) I lovee Marilyn - can't you tell haha. <3

  5. I also admire Gwen and Dita! They do their own thing in Hollywood. Both have amazing style.



  6. Great post and great photo's here. I think I would add Kate Moss to the mix there is something very confident and sexy about her.

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