Thursday, 21 April 2011

Willow the Wisp shoot in the woods!!

Last night I did the make up for a shoot that took place in the New Forest woods!.Was so much fun but got a little scary when the sun went down and it was literally pitch black!! ( visions of Blair witch spring to mind) Plus there were wild ponies and foxes watching us...Why I thought gladiator sandals were a good idea I will never know..numerous pony poos later I regretted my fashion over function decision.

The brief was Willow the Wisp and Faith wanted an ethereal look panda eye,dewy skin to make Amy look almost like a forest dwelling being

I used strobe cream mixed with MAC face and body to give the sheer finish trying not cover her lovely freckles!

 I used Mac Medium Mixer to apply the Silver glitter pigment to the eye and have to say it lasted 5 hours and didn't budge!! it can be used on anything inc lips! very cool product to be creative with. I kept the lips bare with lots of clear gloss and Vaseline.

I cant wait to see the final images by Faith Mason, the pictures in this Blog were taken by me just to document my work!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

1950s Dita Inspired Look.

Hi y'all well I'm always banging on about Dita so thought it was only time I did a look inspired by her!..hope you find my methods useful!

Products I used:
  • Shu Umera base mouse SPF
  • Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser Natural
  • C2 Mac face and body
  • Mac colour base LUNA
  • Mac skin finish powder "soft and gentle "
  • Gingerly Mac blush
  • Shu Umera eyeliner pen
  • Shu Umera Lash curlers
  • Bone eyeshadow Bobbi Brown
  • Max factor Masterpiece mascara
  • Mac Translucent powder
  • Bobbi Brown concealer 'Natural"
  • Mac Russian Red Lipstick
  • Rimmel clear gloss
Face: First I primed my skin with E45 and Shu Moose spf base. left that to soak in then lightly covered my face with LM tint moisturiser and C2 foundation mixed together. Concealed under my eyes and lids and powdered with translucent powder.

Eyes: Mac coulour base ( LUNA) over lids followed by Bone eyeshadow from Bobbi brown. I used Benefit  medium brow kit to fill in my brows. Shu Umera liner to wing my eye and mascara to finish (curling eyelashes before mascara)

Lips: Moisturised my lips when I did my face to ensure good surface. (exfoliate if needed) applied lip balm. allowed to sink in for a minute then applied lip liner all over lip to make the colour bolder and last longer ( the lipstick really grips to the skin) finish with MAC Russian red and gloss! to make the lips pop i finish with conceal around the edges of my mouth.

Cheeks: Soft & gentle skin finish on cheekbones and gingerly blush on apples of my cheek.

Have fun xxx