Thursday, 21 April 2011

Willow the Wisp shoot in the woods!!

Last night I did the make up for a shoot that took place in the New Forest woods!.Was so much fun but got a little scary when the sun went down and it was literally pitch black!! ( visions of Blair witch spring to mind) Plus there were wild ponies and foxes watching us...Why I thought gladiator sandals were a good idea I will never know..numerous pony poos later I regretted my fashion over function decision.

The brief was Willow the Wisp and Faith wanted an ethereal look panda eye,dewy skin to make Amy look almost like a forest dwelling being

I used strobe cream mixed with MAC face and body to give the sheer finish trying not cover her lovely freckles!

 I used Mac Medium Mixer to apply the Silver glitter pigment to the eye and have to say it lasted 5 hours and didn't budge!! it can be used on anything inc lips! very cool product to be creative with. I kept the lips bare with lots of clear gloss and Vaseline.

I cant wait to see the final images by Faith Mason, the pictures in this Blog were taken by me just to document my work!

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