Friday, 11 February 2011

Women who Inspire my Style and Make up...

Every time I see these women in a magazine or on the TV i just think they always look flawless and original..These women can roll out of bed throw on a bit of lipstick and sunglasses and still look like an Icon and rock it.

I really appreciate women who are not afraid to take risks and are defined by who they are and not by what they do. Beauty and sex appeal for me is not what you wear or being tacky and over the top.. its about a swagger you just have when you are comfortable with yourself and know what you like and suits you. These women have that for me they just oooze coolness and femininity without being a stereotypical celebrity. They seem to balance life, family with fashion, style and culture effortlessly.

Dit Von teese
This Woman just encapsulates the whole glamorous and sexy spirit of women that is long forgotten, being a lady with class can still be sexy. she once said she never felt beautiful but knew she could be glamorous and boy does she pull that off!

Gwen Stefani

I'm a massive fan of her music but also the fact that she can be a mum of two and still be at the forefront of fashion (OK so shes got millions) but money does not buy style (Paris Hilton comes to mind)..she just has the Midas touch with everything she does clothing, music, perfume range and childrenswear and her look is so individual.

Marilyn Monroe

Well Marilyn was and still is the epitome of femininity and style, she lived her life by her own rules and despite what people thought of her she wasn't afraid to make mistakes and take risks.Its sad that she never got to fulfill her life on the lens but will be forever a legend.

Jean Shrimpton

Some people will not be familiar with Jean but she was massive in the 60s her and Terrance Stamp were the David and Victoria of their time, model and actress she constantly pushed the boundaries of fashion in a time when women were just beginning to break free from conforming to societies opinion of what a women should be. She was once described as the "most beautiful face" and was instrumental in the launch of the mini skirt..(ay men to that! )

Megan Fox

Alot of people don't like her but I just think she so pretty and she seems like she really doesn't care what people think of her (love that)..I really like her style and tattoo's and just think shes an all round beauty she makes me want to grow my hair and dye it black..unfortunately i don't have her face to match.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Invaluable make up & beauty tips!

Run out of Concealer?

If I run out of concealer I scrape the hard or dried foundation from the bottle topneck or lid and mix it with a drop of moisturiser the consistency is slightly thicker than the foundation due to the drying out so is perfect for covering blemishes or dark circles!

Defined eyeshadow crease

If you want more of a dramatic appeal to your eyeshadow, add clear tape at the end of your eyes. Apply your eyeshadow and remove the tape. It will leave you with a nice crisp line. Blending the line is optional.

Hot Dramatic eyelashes
To make my eyelashes stay curled longer I heat them with a hairdryer wait for them to cool a little (test on the back of your hand) and curl its very effective the coolness of the mascara will set them too.

Tired or itchy eyes?
I like to use a cold wet tea bag normally use green tea as it is infused with antioxidants and chamomile is known for its relaxing properties, I leave it on my eyes for 15 Min's  (sometimes i smooth it over my face too can make a great toner.

Pouty Lips
 I exfoliate my lips with brown sugar and a drop of milk its really effective and tastes lovely too!..(once a week is enough)

To accentuate my lips i colour the inside corners of my mouth with a slightly darker liner than the lipstick i will be wearing line the outside of my lip paying particular attention to the angles and contours of the lip, when I've applied the lipstick i dab some gloss in the middle of the top and bottom lip...mwah!!

Shimmering hair
 For shiny hair mix 3 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 2 tbsp of Honey.Warm in the microwave for 20 secs then apply to hair.Cover with clingfilm and apply a hot towel on top leaves for 30 mins.Then shampoo and condition hair as normal..
Unruly eyebrows!!
If your eyebrows are bushy trim them down with a pair of nail scissors on the ends by brushing the brow upwards and nipping the ends then apply clear mascara on them with the mascara brush stroking in the same direction the brow is growing..this will set the brows when the mascara drys and will give a nice clean fresh finish.

Monday, 7 February 2011

New limited edition Heavy Duty Make Up collection from Top Shop

Popped into Topshop yesterday to check out the new make up selection I've heard great things about it so thought id see for myself. I'm always dubious about fashion line make up it always tends to be overpriced and not of great quality.

So I was pleasantly surprised at the new Top shop range the eye shadows are well pigmented and in a gorgeous range of colours and must say i love the packaging too.You can buy in quad or double palettes or singular. The gel liner drys to a nice consistency and doesn't loose its pigment  (some cheap ones can look a bit faded when they dry). All in all a very nice collection these are a few of my favourite items... 
Gel eyeliner in Ravine

Grunge nail varnish

Eye crayon in Burnish

Lipgloss in Volt

This spring we are seeing a heavy influence of 70s fashion and styling, they have introduced a range inspired by the Californian girl look (think of tousled hair smudged eyes and dewy skin) studio 54 and Kesha all thrown in with a hint of Misha Barton.

Studio 54 Style

Misha Barton heavy eye


My studio 54/heavy duty range inspired look