Saturday, 26 February 2011

Morrocan Hair Oil....bye bye frizz

I was thinking about getting a Brazilian blow dry recently until my lovely hairdresser put me on to this product, my hair is quite fine but curly so I have to painstakingly blow dry and straighten to have a good hair day and use about 4 products which can end up making my hair a bit limp!

This is amazing stuff it leaves no residue on your hair and is actually a treatment as well so is a double bonus! simply apply to wet hair (only a small drop is needed) and dry, it also reduces hair drying time too. you can use everyday without buildup My hair is much shinier and smoother I'm a very happy girl ;0D

I bought a 100ml bottle for 30 quid but you can buy a smaller one for less, they also do some other fab products too which I will be investing in! great thing about this is it also has the bunny on the side of the bottle which is guaranteed to be animal tested free..yay! I bought mine from Tony and Guy but you can buy online too...