Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Love "Love" Magazine...fame and fashion the Androgyny issue S/S 2011

I have finally succumbed and bought the Love magazine, at 6 pounds its quite a good price as its massive (and looks fab on my coffee table,) I initially bought it because Ive been seeing quite a bit of the Kate Moss andro/lesbian pics and was curious to read the article. Lots of people have had an opinion about it good and bad nudity always causes a little contraversy, Its very tastefull and not "porn" as some have claimed!.

I have to say the imagery is breathtaking its more than a mag its a work of art, the make up is so inspiring and the ingenious layouts and type face is Art deco themed making this a really classy read. The photos by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott are mind blowing!!

This photo below is from the Marc Jacobs Article "Decadance" with photographers Alasdair McClellan's and Joanne Furniss..i do love a winged eye!

Love this image make up by Pat McGrath

There also a nice article about the New York club scene with transgender models and club kids, I like that they kept it real by not using models..

The only downside is the amount of glossy ads takes up half the book but still lovely images too!

Check them out online http://www.thelovemagazine.co.uk/

Speaking of love i really like these ornaments that i bought from Marks and Spencer..