Sunday, 13 February 2011


Howdy peeps! well that long awaited day for lovers is now upon us...the day we get to declare our love to the people in our life,,or not in our life yet in some cases!.

I did this look inspired by my sons love heart sweeties he gave me. I picked up a lovely little pallet of 4 colours called 'NO Dull Moment' in Superdrug (Famous by Sue Morley) which was really cheap  (9 pounds) and have to say the eyeshadow is really good quality and highly pigmented.
Its A lovely collection of lilac and turquoise She also does some nice powders too, the powder I used in this was called Miami it has a lovely iridescent texture and isn't too time you're in Superdrug check them out!

Products used:

  • Mac Strobe Cream
  • Mac Mineralze Satin finish NW30
  • Famous eye collection -No Dull Moment
  • Bourjous 03 Rose Perle
  • YSL 126 pure lipstick
  • Rimmel 018 addiction lip liner
  • Rimmel Viynal gloss Crystal clear
  • Benefit high brow
  • Mac creme blush Brit wit (A30)
  • Powder Famous Miami
(I didn't use any mascara as Ive just had my lashes tinted and lash extensions courtesy of my lovely friend Lee)


  1. Oh I've never seen the palette in Superdrug I must have a lookie, gorgeous look - love how you kept it bright xo

  2. I like your make up)
    very talanted!)

  3. aww thanks Micky ;0)..its a learning process..still training but totally consumed by it love it x


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